Testicular Cancer

Where Are The Superpowers?

by Gordon McKavanagh May 3, 2021

It all started in January of 2020 when I decided I HAD to go into Urgent Care to get my groin pain checked out. I must’ve torn a muscle, or something like that….again.


Men Have No Emotions

by Justin Birckbichler March 1, 2021

As a society, we’ve decided that men are not to show their feelings while women are painted as emotionally transparent. Cancer has shown me that I can’t afford to do that.


Spilling Tea with the G’s: Season 2 – Episode 5 – Being a Guy with Cancer

by Nick Giallourakis November 30, 2020

Our long time friend Stephen Heaviside joins the G’s to spill tea on what it is like to be a guy in support groups to talk about cancer as a young adult. Both Stephen H and Steven G go way back to the early years of CancerCon to reflect on how long they have known each other and reflect on sharing emotions as a young adult male faced with cancer.


I Am Here and You Are Not

by Ryan Fuson January 23, 2020

As a cancer survivor I’ve struggled with the fact that I survived yet others who I have known and battled cancer did not. Although I’m very grateful to be alive I’ve thought to myself, “why did I survive and not them?” This poem is in honor of those who bravely fought cancer and have passed on.