The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Ovarian Cancer

Cancer Does Not Play by the Rules

by Allison Stults October 1, 2022

It can happen to anyone. Cancer does not play by the rules!

In Fall 2020 I was training for an ultra marathon. My goal was ultimately 50 miles! I was rocking it. In October I locked in 175 miles, and 150 miles in November, even though, surprise, I was expecting our fourth child!


My Cancer Roller-Coaster

by Erin Pottgen April 5, 2021

Even though I have been traveling my cancer journey for 13 years, it is only just the beginning. I started riding this roller-coaster alone, but now my coaster train is filled and there is even a line of people waiting and wanting to ride alongside me.


Warnings – My Ovaries Are Trying to Tell Me Something

by Laura Clark-Hansen March 8, 2021

Before I was discharged from the hospital my surgeon and my gynecologic oncologist had warned, “Stay off the internet. You’ll only succeed in terrifying yourself.” If their intent was to protect me by saying this they had both failed miserably.