The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer, I Feel So Much Guilt

by Amanda Charron July 8, 2021

Why do you choose to end my friends’ lives instead of mine? They’re parents and spouses too. Some of them had much less time with their kids than I have had with mine. All of them were so accomplished and loving. I feel so much guilt over this.


Dear Cancer, I Will Not Thank You, Ever

by Angie Giallourakis June 1, 2021

A Poem to cancer from the Steven G. Cancer Foundation and Elephants and Tea President.


Dear Cancer, I Can Handle Anything Because of You

by Devyani Mahajan

Well, in 2017, I thought life was good. There was so much to look forward to. But Cancer, you chose to show your ugly and repulsive face, at a time when everything in my life was how it should be.