Since 2007, Cook for your LIFE has provided in-person and online healthy cooking classes in English and in Spanish free of charge. Our mission is to teach the wider cancer community of patients, caregivers and survivors how to live better, healthier lives through providing 101 education about healthy food, and by teaching the basic cooking skills needed to succeed in improving diet for better overall health outcomes. We really do teach healthy cooking to people touched by cancer.

About Ann and Cook for Your LIFE

Ann Ogden Gaffney

A former fashion consultant, Ann Ogden Gaffney realized after her treatment that her heart was no longer in seasonal colors and hemline trends. Instead, she wanted to help people with cancer and their families cook and care for themselves. In 2007, the nonprofit organization Cook for Your Life was born.

Its programs have received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and have been embraced by prestigious organizations such as Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, Mount Sinai Health System, Atlantic Health System Cancer Care, the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in New York City, and more. Cook for Your Life has touched hundreds of thousands of lives. Now Gaffney delivers her very first highly anticipated cookbook, based on Cook for Your Life’s classes.

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Our Story

Our story began when founder Ann Ogden Gaffney took a break from a successful fashion career to focus on the treatment of her second cancer. As she became immersed in the world of hospitals and cancer, she became aware of the disconnect between getting information on healthy eating and nutritional meals during cancer treatment, and the practical skills needed to get them on the table.

Ann is a skilled cook, and was easily able to adapt recipes to help her cope with the treatment side effects and eat well even on her worst days. However, for many of her fellow cancer patients in the chemo suite, lack of expertise in the kitchen made it overwhelmingly difficult for them to cope. To help, Ann started sharing her own cooking tips and advice, which eventually led to her first free hands-on cooking class organized with the hospital. In 2007 she founded Cook for Your LIFE.

Sausage & Peas Pasta

Lentils with Eggs

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Ann and Cook for Your LIFE have come a long way.

As of writing our subscription free website has served some 5 million visitors and we have taught hands-on classes to over 12000 in the NYC area. Cook For Your LIFE has grown to become a trusted free resource to both cancer patients and nutritionists—teaching cancer patients how to cook their way to healthy survivorship, and enabling nutritionists to offer their cancer patients much more than a just a draconian list of foods to eat. We recently made the Feedspot Top 100Health Blog list. Cook For Your LIFE has also been an integral part of 2 successful peer reviewed National Institutes of Health funded studies in the Latina breast cancer community, both in collaboration with researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

We really do teach healthy cooking to people touched by cancer.


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