The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Adventure Camps

Next Step

by Elephants & Tea May 20, 2021

At Next Step, we work with young people 16-29 years old who are living with both the immediate and long-term impact of cancer, HIV/AIDS or rare genetic disorders. We aim to shatter the perceived limitations these diagnoses can have such as isolation, stigma, and disempowerment. We strive to elevate the aspirations through community building, music therapy, and mentorship programs. We want our young people to find their “I believe in me” moment. All of our programs are free for young people and are currently virtual. You can join a program from anywhere with a good wifi signal!


Send It

by Elephants & Tea March 30, 2021

Send It’ is an expression that inspires us to push boundaries, go big, and give it your all. The Send It Foundation provides free outdoor adventures for young adult cancer survivors creating the space to play, connect, and find healing in the outdoors. Multi-day adventures are designed around activities like skiing, surfing, mountain biking, and backpacking; cultivating a vital community through shared experience.



by Elephants & Tea July 29, 2020

Base2Summit is a free 6 day adventure in Northern Michigan for young adults.  We mix up some kayaking, hiking, biking and exploring the Mitten with some down time on one of Michigan’s supreme lakes. Join us for a Base2Summit experience!


Epic Experience

by Elephants & Tea April 17, 2019

Cancer Survivorship is more than follow-up appointments, blood tests, and scans; it’s about living life to the fullest beyond cancer. Epic Experience empowers adult cancer survivors to do just that through free week-long adventures in the Colorado Rockies. We also have virtual exercise classes, our podcast Campfires Of Hope and our How To Cancer Series on the Epic Experience YouTube page. Our Mission – Epic Experience empowers adult cancer survivors and thrivers to live beyond cancer.


Project Koru

by Elephants & Tea April 2, 2019

Project Koru enriches lives through community and the outdoors as a way to move forward after cancer. The Koru spiral is shaped like an unfurling fern frond. It symbolizes new life, growth, strength, and peace – the very channels of energy we aim to inspire for survivors at our camps. We envision a world of empowered young adult cancer survivors.


True North Treks

by Elephants & Tea February 8, 2019

At True North Treks, we help teens & young adults with cancer find direction through connection after the very dis-connecting experience cancer can bring. We fulfill our mission through implementing unique and supportive healthcare programs and services that are not available anywhere else. With a little help and guidance from the STARS, we do this through Skills Training, Advocacy, Resources and Support.


First Descents

by Elephants & Tea December 12, 2018

First Descents (FD) is a leader in adventure-based healing. Through outdoor adventure, community building, and lifestyle development, FD improves long-term survivorship and quality of life for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. All services are fully-adaptive and free of charge.