The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Elephants and Tea Happy Hour

Elephants and Tea hosts a weekly happy hour online. We use this time to come together on Zoom to hang out with our peers from the AYA Cancer community.

*Do not wait until the last minute to register as you need to be approved by admin prior to Happy Hour!


Before the pandemic, no one would have thought twice about meeting up at a bar on a Friday evening for drinks, food, or a few games.

Then the pandemic happened. Zoom was all we had.
Since AYA cancer patients and survivors remain at risk, maintaining connections with others safely is vital!

Enter, Elephants and Tea Virtual Happy Hour!

While the elephant in the room is cancer, we may occasionally address “that elephant” in the room head-on. However, often we talk about everything under the sun and moon EXCEPT cancer.


Still, one thing is for sure, whether your beverage of choice is tea, water, milk, juice, coffee, chai, boba, or something more adult, you will definitely feel the relief the conversations bring! This social group of friends knows what it’s like to face cancer.


Everyone in the AYA cancer community is welcome to attend as they are, from whatever stage of the process they are in and from wherever they are! We start at 5:30 pm Eastern Time (US) and continue for at least one hour. All are welcome to come and go as they are able.


This group of people from primarily the United States and Canada started meeting weekly for only an hour on Friday evenings and quickly became a chosen family for many.

Can’t sleep because of your treatments? Stuck in the hospital? Exhausted and don’t want to talk but don’t want to be alone either? Join us anyway!

"Share this event with an AYA you know!
We absolutely cannot wait for you to join our herd!"
Liz Hiles
Happy Hour Coordinator

Liz Hiles is a bladder cancer survivor and urostomate living in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a Contributor & Moderator with Health Union, a Freelance Writer for the West River Eagle, and, of course, the Happy Hour Coordinator for Elephants & Tea. Liz takes on Happy Hours with over 30 years of facilitating various groups and over 5 years of explicitly leading cancer and ostomy groups. Her goal for each and every Happy Hour is to provide a safe, welcoming virtual space for everyone to join in the conversations to be distracted, entertained, and supported in a relaxed, social virtual environment.