The stories and experiences are written by people after cancer treatments. These stories are written for those learning how to get back to work, college or just trying to be themselves again. Just getting past treatments isn’t enough, it is surviving and thriving that is key to being you again.

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On Cancer and Self-Reflection

by Neal Reddy September 7, 2021

When I was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, one of the more common messages I received was that I would gain a new perspective or a new sense of meaning from having such a jarring experience.


A Quiet Moment

by Vikki Ramdass

Hi friends! I decided to write on a topic called “a quiet moment.” This simply means: what does a quiet moment mean to you? What do you all think about when you do get a quiet moment?


It Was Least Expected

by Haley Gallagher August 27, 2021

You may not think that missing an eye appointment is a big deal right? Well, you are wrong, so wrong. It is so important that you see your doctors for check ups throughout the year; you never know what they’ll find. 


I’m Tired

by Jennifer Anand August 25, 2021

I’m tired. / Tired of 7AM dentist appointments so I won’t miss work. Every week, the receptionist asks me where I’m going afterwards, and I wearily say “to work.” / Tired of virtual doctor appointments during my lunch breaks. 


I am a Mother, Despite Cancer

by Jen Rachman August 20, 2021

No one expects cancer to come into their life, especially at 26 years old. No one imagines that at their routine gynecological examination the doctor’s revelation would have one of the most significant impacts on their life. No one can be prepared for the whirlwind that occurs after they are diagnosed.


A Mother’s Diagnosis

by Vikki Ramdass August 19, 2021

It was a difficult and painful decision to write about my struggles in life, but I have learned over the years that I am not alone in my journey. For years I have not spoken to my friends while avoiding family as I gripped through my depression for almost a decade.


The First Patient I Diagnosed with Cancer

by Mark Lewis August 16, 2021

The first person I ever diagnosed with cancer was me. Until that point in my medical training bad news had always been broken to patients before I met them. By the time of our introduction, their shock had subsided, and the initial fractures of their premorbid identities had ossified into therapeutic resolve.


Finding Support with Vivibot

by Shushan Lazaryev August 13, 2021

While I wish I weren’t even eligible to use Vivibot, I’m grateful to have stumbled upon her. The two main reasons that many cancer patients and survivors stay silent about their struggles are: fear of judgment and lack of understanding. With Vivibot, there’s no fear of judgment involved.


Happy Cancerversary: “You Can Take Your Mask off Now!”

by Christa Carlucci August 9, 2021

There are many milestones to which we pay joyful homage. Weddings, graduations, having a new baby. But there is one that generally goes unnoticed. Being a cancer survivor. And rightfully so. We’re not the majority of the population. Interestingly enough, depending on who you talk to, this celebration doesn’t always bring the kind of joy […]


COVID Reopening: Part 2

by Jennifer Anand August 2, 2021

I just reread the article I wrote last May about reopening. Who knew it would be another 12 months before Ohio actually reopened? But the sentiments haven’t changed.