The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.


The stories and experiences are written by people after cancer treatments. These stories are written for those learning how to get back to work, college or just trying to be themselves again. Just getting past treatments isn’t enough, it is surviving and thriving that is key to being you again.

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Let Your Grief Help You Find the Light

by Lisa Orr April 12, 2022

“People talk about grief as emptiness, but it’s not empty. It’s full. Heavy. Not an absence to fill. A weight to pull. Your skin caught on hooks chained to rough boulders made of all the futures you thought you’d have.”


Coping with Colon Cancer

by Sarah Wartell April 10, 2022

In July 2021, my doctors declared me NED, which means no evidence of disease! Suck it, cancer. I feel super lucky to be joining a new group of warriors: cancer survivors. I am six months post-chemo and surgery after battling stage III colon cancer for nearly eight months.


Business As Unusual

by Madeline Bennett April 5, 2022

It is hard to resume
business as usual
when you’ve watched the clock’s hand
move toward midnight
as flesh


Cancer and Surviving

by Emily Lucero

The year was 2010; when I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. I saw blood that was dark “wine-colored” red in my colostomy bag (which is basically a bag that has to drain the intestine), while I was waking up from my long night’s sleep in my hospital room.


The Ceiling and a Faux Pas

by Amanda M. April 1, 2022

Today is my sixth out of 21 radiation treatments. This is to prevent the recurrence of my stage II triple negative breast cancer. I get up on the table and the two ladies direct me to scooch downward for my head to meet the headrest.


Stop Telling Me Everything Happens for a Reason

by Mara Thrasher March 29, 2022

“Everything happens for a reason,” the well-meaning cashier tells me. Before October, I would have believed her. I thought that tragedy was all part of God’s bigger picture, and that we were all just pawns in the game of life, and bad events just give someone a stronger testimony.


Finding Faith in Foundation

by Aileen Burke March 28, 2022

I was at a birthday party in Rochester, New York when a woman I had just connected with started asking Muggle Questions. Normally, Muggle Questions run the same gamut after I so much as reveal the finer details of my health history: how did you find the mole? (It was smack mid-line in the center of my chin).


Moving Through Anger

by Rachel Mihalko March 24, 2022

The Summer of 2018 I began grasping at straws, in search of something permanent, unchanging — while my entire world was shifting constantly after my diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.


Peace Amidst Chaos

by Lauren Creel March 18, 2022

There are many things in life that we prepare for. We study or practice and hope that when the time comes, we are ready for whatever we face. We spend time studying for our driving test and practicing on the road with watchful parents beside us. We spend years and years in school, hoping that we’ll be prepared for the first day of our first job.


We Were Made for Great Things

by Becky Lee March 16, 2022

My memories as a child are filled with lazy summer days and rainy winters shooting ants down storm drains. Church on Sundays wearing dresses my mom designed lovingly and paid a seamstress to have made for me. Those days were filled with wonder and laughter, love and ease.