The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.


Our Herd submits poems that help them get through the day when fighting cancer. Some are inspiring while others are just to express how they are feeling.

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Consent & Good Bones

by Alyssa Stein December 14, 2022

what does consent mean
if you aren’t saying yes for yourself
if every incision, stitch, vile of blood
is done because i am too scared to say no


Preventative Measures

by Alyssa Stein November 29, 2022

i could never eat as fast as my food could rot
milk goes sour
mold blooms on bread
even the oreos go stale
i stand each week at the counter
separating the good from the bad


Cancer: A Poem

by Vikki Ramdass November 20, 2022

What can I say about this six-letter word?
My heart hurts every time I think about it
Am I living my worst nightmare?
Or is this my destiny?
Please tell me, I am desperate to know the truth.



by Jessica Lane July 20, 2022

Through tired eyes
Remains a flicker of life’s sparkle
Dimmed, but never to go out
A new perspective
Emboldened truths



by Dan Godley July 19, 2022

The boundaries are blurred, so I wait
Observing from a distance,
I consider my fate

In time there’s some meaning
I establish my feelings
A calming naivety, au fait


Unintentionally Sharp

by Madeline Bennett

I hate that I loved it most
at its weakest
I did not eat dry toast
or monotonous meals
My secret was dying a little
while trying not to die a lot


Forty Thousand Feet

by Lisa Orr July 14, 2022

forty thousand feet.
a terrifying height.
at least it was,
it used to be.
every bump,
every shake would send me
over the edge.


Cold & In the Wide-Open Air

by Mallory Casperson June 28, 2022

Dear Cancer,
I am so far from
the me who sat in that chair
cold and so afraid.


Dear Cancer, I am Still the Author of my Own Story

by Rachel Mihalko June 15, 2022

I am learning that while I may not be in control, I am still the author of my own story

You, cancer, are lurking in the shadows,
Waiting for a moment to appear again
in the tender skin on my clavicle.


Dear Cancer, Thank You for Helping Me Find Myself

by Niya Kight June 3, 2022

Dear Breast Cancer,

Thank you.

Thank you for helping me find myself.
Thank you for releasing toxicity in my life.
Thank you for restoring my smile.
Thank you for forcing me to set boundaries.