The stories and experiences in this category are written by people currently going through treatments for cancer. Read these stories to find inspiration and know that you are not alone in your fight with cancer.

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The Cure

by Kayla Tremblett August 18, 2020

The petite nurse, while thawing out the first bag, tells me that each pouch will take one minute to infuse. In three minutes I’ll be done. Three minutes and I’m supposedly cured. I lean back as the nurses start infusing the first bag of cells.


Cancer and My Dissertation

by Devyani Mahajan August 16, 2020

I woke up on 7th July 2017 like any other day; my cat purring at my side and the smell of fresh coffee coming from the kitchen. Little did I know that this date would change the course of my life completely.


Schrödinger’s Cancer Patient

by Melissa Blank August 13, 2020

There is a thought experiment in physics used to illustrate the quantum mechanics of superposition with a cat that is simultaneously alive and dead, and neither alive nor dead, depending upon observation of said cat.


When Trust is Gone

by Megan-Claire Chase August 6, 2020

Was there ever a time when one could just be the patient and trust the doctor would take time to review their chart and make customized recommendations of treatment?


I am Thankful

by Greg Pierce July 31, 2020

We have a wonderful family ready to help support us and a mass of friends that will be here to help Donna if needed. We appreciate every one of you. You’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Well, it takes a village to fight off cancer; to do it for the fourth time might even take a city. This is going to be a tough one, so if you will, cover me……. I’m going in!


My Real Cancer Story, No BS

by Kayla Tremblett July 17, 2020

Eventually, I decided to go on mediation because I just felt like I wasn’t improving to the point where my quality of life was stable…I just wanted to be happy again, and finally, I can truly say that I am. Being on medication for your mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we need help because our body balance is just off tilt enough to cause us daily pain and suffering. I didn’t want to suffer anymore. Being brave is about being honest, and for me meant that I needed a little extra help to balance my body and take that edge off. After 5 years of being stuck in a void of darkness and pain, I can finally say that I have found my happiness and will to live again.


My “Live Funeral”

by Kristen Stewart July 10, 2020

When I reflect on the scariest week of my life, my heart nearly explodes at the support I received from family and friends. There’s no chance I would have gotten through the week of my emergency brain surgery without them.


My Cancer Story

by Vikki Ramdass July 3, 2020

Vikki Ramdass was born on August 11th, 1985. I grew up in Pierre Road, Chaguanas, a quiet neighbourhood. College was a struggle as per any teenage crisis.


A Letter to My Hair

by Eleanor McDonald June 22, 2020

But alas, I never treated you right. I was always burning you with irons and dryers. Always using cheap drugstore products just cuz they smelled like the cape at sunrise. But you stayed with me. My 3rd grade bowl cut? You were there. Bangs in high school? You were there. When I decided to go blonde?


The Girl Who’s Always Smiling

by Roshani Rao June 15, 2020

This whole experience taught me to be my own best friend. To understand my own needs because nobody can. To comfort myself and that there is nothing wrong in that. To listen to my body and to create my thoughts rather than have my thoughts control me.