The stories and experiences in this category are written by people currently going through treatments for cancer. Read these stories to find inspiration and know that you are not alone in your fight with cancer.

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Reflections: One Year Into My Journey

by Sheena Harris-Williams October 6, 2021

“I feel alone when I’m surrounded by friends…” That song lyric sticks out so much for me now. Even though this song was written about love and had nothing to do with cancer, this particular lyric can ring true for a person going through cancer.


Secret Side Effects

by Ashley Pentecost October 1, 2021

Today my right, big toenail fell off. I had just given our new puppy, Lola, a bath, when I felt a catching sensation of my bare foot on the carpet. I pulled my foot out from under me to see that the toenail had lifted. ‘Great!’ I thought, as I rolled my eyes to myself.


Notes on Mindfulness

by Erin Leibowitz September 27, 2021

A few years ago, if you said the word mindfulness, my eyes would roll so hard they would end up in the back of my head. Especially since the most anxious person in the world, my father, is the one who suggested mindfulness meditation to me.


My Body is a Battleground

by Eos Evite August 25, 2021

When I was in the hospital for induction chemotherapy, I remember telling my dad that my body felt like a war zone. The chemotherapy that continuously ran through my veins for a week was the weapon meant to wipe out the disease that pervaded my body.


When Cancer Strikes: The Silver Lining

by Karen Jones August 10, 2021

Several weeks ago I made a promise to God – to serve Him and to share my story in order to glorify His name. I prayed that He would present me with opportunities to help others who are struggling. I want to use my past and current trials to reach others who are going through life altering – life shattering – experiences.


From Caretaker to Patient

by Vikki Ramdass August 2, 2021

Some people say things like, “It could have been worse,” but you feel as though enough is enough at times. As I hit rock bottom in my life, I often wonder: how did I make it out of that dark tunnel? Was a rope extended to me in my dreams for me to climb out one day without me remembering?


Advocating for your Body in the Bedroom

by Lindsay Durrenberger July 23, 2021

Suddenly, the body I once knew — the body that ran half marathons and excelled in dance classes and mastered a crow pose in yoga and tackled other bodies in rugby and sexually satisfied my husband and grew, birthed, and nursed two babies — was foreign to me in every sense of the word.


Dear Cancer, It’s Time For You To Go

by Kristen Reilly July 2, 2021

Most importantly, every night I talk with God and am assured that this is not my time. Not today, cancer. I am comforted as my hands dance across each rosary bead.


Dear Cancer, You Defined What I Was Made Of

by Lyndi Abote June 25, 2021

For weeks I did not want to accept you, acknowledge you or in all reality believe you had taken space in my life. But that wasn’t working. The more I pushed you away, cancer, the worse I got.


Dear Cancer, I Am Looking to the Future

by Danielle Nicosia

Leave all of us alone. I beg you to leave all my amazing Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer friends alone. Go away forever and never come back.