The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Jen’s Corner

Meet Jennifer Anand. Jennifer provides tips on approaching life during and after cancer to help inspire others. Jennifer was diagnosis with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January 2012, followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments for 8 months. Jennifer is now a survivor and just celebrated her 5 year anniversary this year as cancer free!

There is No End to the Guilt

by Jennifer Anand May 30, 2023

The guilt eats away at you. I’m coming up on 10 years post-transplant. I ask less now, “Why am I alive?” but feel more the guilt of my life. The guilt of having a job and friendships and being able to live even a somewhat normal life. The weight of the guilt is crushing. 

I was at the Thanksgiving service where J shared the excitement that the cancer was in remission. She and her husband both kindly patted my shoulder on their way to speak at the front. But what was I to say? Congratulations?


The Weight of Surviving

by Jennifer Anand May 8, 2023

I’m shaking. Scrunched in the middle seat of a plane. Somewhere over Canada, I think. Happily watching From Scratch as I drink my Iceland glacier water and eat my German hot dog pastry. I love these new Netflix shows. Women of color falling in love with European men. A dream of mine, really. And so cheerful to watch—till his knee hurts, and I’m wondering what surgery he will need.


Faith is a Feeling

by Jennifer Anand March 7, 2022

It’s late at night, but I feel like writing. Throughout my day I’ve scrolled through The Cancer Patient Instagram stories. The topic has been primarily centered around religious people, and the stupid things they’ve said and the myriad of ways we’ve been hurt by them.


Cancer Follows Me Everywhere

by Jennifer Anand January 20, 2022

I’m heading home after my first date in Boston. Normally my dating app M.O. has ten steps that include texting, phone calls, and other precautions before an in-person meeting. But something was different with this guy.


We’re All a Little Lost

by Jennifer Anand January 6, 2022

It’s the holiday season, and Santa Claus is coming ‘round… so begin the lyrics to a very cheerful Christmas song, about Santa helping us celebrate the holidays. But sitting here, in a borrowed house because my family is quarantined due to breakthrough COVID and I can’t be with them, with sunlight streaming through the window onto the artificial hyacinth, I’m feeling anything but cheer.


It Never Ends

by Jennifer Anand December 7, 2021

Life recently has been non-cancer focused, for once! I recently took a new position in my company, finally moved away from the hospital and city I was sick in and am generally doing healthy young adult things. Record scratching screeching stop. 


Happily Ever After

by Jennifer Anand November 19, 2021

Happily ever after. Driving off into the sunset, hair streaming in the wind, typically with the love of your life seated next to you. Sound familiar? I know it’s not true. But at every such cliché ending, I find a smile on my face.


COVID Reopening: Part 2

by Jennifer Anand August 2, 2021

I just reread the article I wrote last May about reopening. Who knew it would be another 12 months before Ohio actually reopened? But the sentiments haven’t changed.



by Jennifer Anand July 2, 2021

I recently started dating the most incredible guy ever. From meeting me through friends several months ago, he knew I had cancer. Once we started dating, I tried to push him away by dumping all the cancer stuff, but he blessedly stayed. 



by Jennifer Anand April 25, 2021

I lay next to another human, warm and comfortable and was filled with a wave of gratitude. Lovingly touched by someone who deeply cared for me. My heart felt like it would explode with happiness.