Healthcare Professionals

De-stressing in Nature

by Lisa Nelson February 8, 2022

Nature has always been an important part of my life. Growing up in Jamaica, West Indies, I have always felt a deep connection with nature. I enjoyed walking barefoot in open fields of grass, “banana walks”, and fruit orchards.


Tiger Trials

by Chelsea Morris October 22, 2021

Our knowledge about what breast cancer is, how it works, and treatments for it have come a long way from the first documented cases in 3000BC. At that time there was essentially no understanding about cancer, particularly metastatic types, and the mortality rate for Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) sat solidly at 100% for many years.


On Feeling Un-F***ed with Mindfulness

by David Victorson September 24, 2021

I just got back from co-leading a mindfulness in nature retreat in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a group of eight incredible young adult women from across the country who didn’t know each other before they arrived, but are all card-carrying members of the same exclusive club to which none of them wants to belong.


My Story as a Medical Professional

by Stefanie Thomas August 30, 2021

Since being invited and enthusiastically agreeing to write this piece and speak, my pretty much constant thought has been- “Oh crap, what did I agree to?”. I’ve started and deleted more drafts than I can count, talked through what I wanted to share with friends (and aloud to myself), and had serious regrets about not taking my therapist’s assigned journaling homework more seriously.


The First Patient I Diagnosed with Cancer

by Mark Lewis August 16, 2021

The first person I ever diagnosed with cancer was me. Until that point in my medical training bad news had always been broken to patients before I met them. By the time of our introduction, their shock had subsided, and the initial fractures of their premorbid identities had ossified into therapeutic resolve.


A Letter to My Younger Self: Lessons Learned in the AYA Oncology Field

by Lauren Lux August 13, 2021

Dear 23-year-old baby social work student, Lauren – OK, so I want to share a handful of the things I’ve learned over the years from my time spent  with AYA cancer patients and their families. We’ve got a lot to cover, but before we jump in, we need to get a few things straight: 


Vulnerability as an AYA Program Manager

by Wendy Griffith August 12, 2021

I’ve thought about writing this article for weeks now. I’ve even attempted multiple drafts, all of which ultimately got deleted. The thing is, I’m not afraid to be bad at writing. I’m afraid of how what I am writing will be perceived. Social workers are rigorously trained in maintaining personal boundaries, so it isn’t natural or comfortable for me AT ALL to focus on myself in this role.