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Cancer sucks.  Whether you are a patient, survivor, caregiver or loved one we all go through it differently.  Read these inspiring and emotional stories to learn how others like you are getting through their journey with cancer.

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Death and Dying

by Jennifer Anand November 15, 2019

Death has been heavy on my heart the last few weeks, but my sadness tonight is finally overflowing onto this page.


Swimming with Dolphins

by Che Streak November 11, 2019

My name is Ché Streak and this is my cancer story and how it all began… I was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer when I was only ­­­­­7 ½ years old. The cancer or tumor is called “Juvenile Fibromatosis“, normally found in young children, usually in their hands and feet. Me, I got […]


Keep Getting Up and Thriving

by Casey Head November 7, 2019

Growing up I was always involved in sports, activities and playing outside until the street lights came on. I played three sports all through high school and went on to play two years of collegiate tennis. After graduating college in 2005 I wasn’t happy with my career choice and ended up bartending for close to […]


My Cancer Journey: The Good, The Bad and The Funny

by Amanda Maggiotto November 5, 2019

Nearly five years ago, shortly after my 27th birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, my world was turned upside down. With my notebook in hand, I met with lots of doctors and had lots of discussions about my plan of action.  I decided to take an aggressive approach.  I opted […]


Cancer Saved My Life

by Anonymous October 29, 2019

Her words slammed into me and I gripped the sides of the paper-covered table to hold myself steady, holding her gaze as I processed the four syllables that washed over me again and again. Like a riptide that held me under, I fought my way to the surface only to be pulled below once more […]


8 Symptoms of PTSD in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors

by Anita Fernandes

Survivors of AYA cancer have been exposed to a traumatic event and the effects of their experience can persist for many years after successful treatment. In many cases, AYAs who survive cancer seem to suffer no long-term emotional and mental effects at first but show signs of PTSD in later years. Symptoms of PTSD in […]


There is Nothing Pink and Pretty with Breast Cancer

by Jacqueline Cashman October 24, 2019

There is nothing pink and pretty about breast cancer…. Way back in 2003 I lost my mum to breast cancer, they say they “lost their battle” like they didn’t fight quite hard enough, I disagree, it’s purely luck, you either survive or you don’t. I feel it is quite a harsh term, nobody wants to […]


Hope Will Guide You: Just Breathe

by Jessicca Gonzalez October 21, 2019

In 2017, just after my 28th birthday, I felt a lump in my left breast while I was in the shower. I wasn’t doing a self-exam or anything, I just so happened to feel it. I told my mom about it and that I didn’t think anything of it, because it was around “that time […]


Nothing Normal about the New Normal

by Megha Agarwal October 17, 2019

Once I finished crying over the fact that I needed 20 rounds of chemotherapy, 20 rounds of radiation and 5 years of hormonal therapy for my breast cancer diagnosis, I set a date in this mind.


My Cancer Sabbatical

by Anonymous October 15, 2019

Last October, I realized I needed a new bag for work. The leather was worn from being squeezed into clinic drawers. The fastenings had broken from trying to squash too many snacks in.