Dear Cancer

Each year we ask the AYA cancer community to submit letters to cancer to express their feelings about how cancer has changed their lives. People explore an array of emotions in these letters, including anger, sadness, gratitude, and hope.

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The Freedom to Live My Life

by Samantha Krizo December 11, 2019

Dear Cancer, Since my diagnosis I have lost two AYAs to you. However, I have gained a new support system. And a new family that I didn’t want but one that I desperately needed. I have lost two years of my life worrying about you. But in those two years I have made amazing memories […]


The December Issue – Dear Cancer

by Nick Giallourakis December 4, 2019

We asked our Herd to write letter to cancer and boy did it come with a mixed bag of emotions.  We have patients, survivors, mothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters and friends all telling cancer how they feel. Check it out!


You Knocked Me Down But I Got Back Up

by Allison Rosen

Dear Cancer, Ever since I was a small child and had to be brought back to life following a severe asthma attack, I have known that I possess the instincts of a fighter. With that said, I never imagined that, at the age of 32, I would dealing with you. You see, I worked for […]


How Dare You? Did You Not Know?

by Nancy Sonmyxay December 3, 2019

Dear Cancer, There are so many things I want to say to you. My mind is swirling right now as I try to put my thoughts to paper. Well, laptop, but I don’t think that’s a saying yet. I mean, should I keep it optimistic and politically correct by speaking only of the good? Dare […]


The Honey Badger

by Sabrina Shelton

You know that you’re a real honey badger, right tho’? You just don’t care! The way that you can be so aggressive and not even care or take into consideration about how the other person feels about you or what’s going on with them.


I Ran Away to an Island Far Away

by Beth Peck

Until I ran away.  I ran away from my new life because you still haunted me.  In a desperate quest to learn who I was without you, I ran away to an island far away.  I left my job, family, and responsibilities behind.  I had to fight this battle alone.  Or so I thought.


You Are Not Alone

by Aerial Donovan

This letter is long overdue. I think I need to spell some things out. There are some truths that I need to state out loud – just to set the record straight between us.


Be Blessed or Be Broken

by Ramae Hamrin

Such the paradox, dear cancer. You destroy and you heal. You take lives, and you save them. You are fear, and you are love. You are death. You are life. You bring joy and so incredibly much pain.


Beauty Born from Heartache

by KM Hammond November 27, 2019

Hey Cancer, I stayed up last night, thinking of you. Don’t tell. It’d be awkward if people knew. I have a scan in a few months. And, as I thought of you, I visualized my PET results. All healthy and white with the lack of you. It felt … empty. I felt empty. So, in […]


You Made Me a Stronger Better Person

by Rebecca Myers

Dear Cancer, You might think I’m mad. You did push your way into my life without warning. You did turn my life upside down at 28 years old. I wasn’t supposed to be going to chemo treatments and radiation treatments and undergoing a ridiculous amount of surgery…not at 28. I was supposed to be hanging […]