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Patient, stage 4, triple negative breast cancer

Beverly was an English teacher and a writer before she was diagnosed with stage 4, triple negative breast cancer. She then began focusing her writing on cancer-related issues. Beverly writes a blog for her surgeon, Chanu Dasari MD, on his cancer outreach website ( After her surgery, she wanted to find ways to help others deal with the difficulties of cancer. Beverly became a mentor to patients both locally and for the American Cancer Society. In addition, she is the admin for the Facebook and Instagram pages, Silver Lining Vegas, where she posts helpful information and news about cancer.

Beverly and her husband, Frank, make their home in rural Nevada, 60 miles outside of Las Vegas. She is active in her local church where she enjoys leading a Bible study for women. Beverly claims she used to have many hobbies, but now her free time is spent on her favorite pastime, playing with her grandchildren.

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Mr. F. Cancer Barged In

by Beverly Bradley September 21, 2020

I thought door-to-door salesmen had to knock. This one barged right in! Said his name was Mr. F. Cancer. I didn’t know what he was selling. He handed me five pamphlets and a booklet on himself. I glanced at the first title: “Living With Cancer.”