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My name is Vikki Ramdass and I am currently 34 years of age. I reside at #186 Pierre Road, Felicity, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, 501727. I attended St. Francois Girls’ College in Trinidad. I then pursued my accounting studies in ACCA. I began my lionistic journey in 2009 serving as Assistant Secretary on many sub-committees.

I remain dedicated to the advancement and upliftment of society. I am committed to working with NGOs, government, business, labour, community leaders, individuals and organizations both locally and internationally to help build sound communities and improve the quality of life in Trinidad & Tobago, as well as other Caribbean countries and the world at large.

Surviving Survivorship

by Vikki Ramdass May 26, 2021

People often expect that once a cancer survivor’s ordeal is complete, a person should return to their normal daily routine and give thanks for making it through. But in my opinion, survivorship is actually the hardest part of my cancer journey.


My Story About Self-Love

by Vikki Ramdass May 11, 2021

My cancer survivorship journey has proven to be a difficult one for me. I recently completed radiation in 2020 and I am now cancer free but the big question is, for how long can I remain cancer free?


To My Younger Self…Would You Believe Me?

by Vikki Ramdass April 21, 2021

Words may not express all my feelings to you as you will be faced with so many challenges later on. How can you prepare a child for all the issues that adults face? Whilst everyone’s childhood supposed to be filled with toys, joy, wonderful family memories, mine was a little different.


My Cancer Story

by Vikki Ramdass July 3, 2020

Vikki Ramdass was born on August 11th, 1985. I grew up in Pierre Road, Chaguanas, a quiet neighbourhood. College was a struggle as per any teenage crisis.