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Brother and Advocate

Nick is the Executive Director of the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund and President/Co-Founder of Elephants and Tea. The Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Funds’ mission is to support the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer community in wellness, education and research.

A Community Conversation | How Independent Health Care Advocates Support Cancer Patients and Survivors

by Nick Giallourakis March 30, 2022

Nicole Broadhurst, Talaya Dendy, Claire Thevenot, Rachel Westlake are professional and independent health care advocates. These women help their clients navigate the healthcare system. They are Board Certified Patient Advocates or on their way to being certified. Cancer is a part of their story and many of those they work with. They’ll tell you about their different specializations, where to find professional advocates for yourself and your loved ones, and what to look for in finding an advocate.

Independent health care advocacy is a growing field and a part of the movement to improve health care. They’ll tell you where to learn more about the profession and discuss opportunities and barriers to becoming and working with an independent health care advocate.


A Community Conversation | AYA Cancer and the Impact of the Pandemic

by Nick Giallourakis January 20, 2022

Drs. Marlyn Allicock and Aubree Shay, from the Department of Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences at UTHealth School of Public Health, will present findings from a series of focus groups conducted with AYAs in Summer 2020. In these they explored the unique experiences and impact of the pandemic on AYAs including difficulties and delays in medical care, the added burden caused by cancer including compounding uncertainty, and the unexpected “advantages” of a history of cancer during the pandemic.


2021 Elephants and Tea Audience Survey Results

by Nick Giallourakis January 4, 2022

Elephants and Tea is inviting the AYA cancer community to come join us as we review the results of our annual survey conducted in the fall of 2021. This is the recorded version of the presentation. We want to share the feedback of how the AYA cancer community feels we are doing as an organization, plus, share insights we have learned that will benefit others in the AYA cancer community. As Elephants and Tea continues to grow, it is important to make sure we keep our Herd in the loop with why certain decisions are made. We received your honest feedback and now it is time to grow together and share!


Spilling Tea with the G’s | The Pharmacist | Sydney Beliles

by Nick Giallourakis December 2, 2021

In this episode, we are joined by Sydney Beliles from Walgreens. Sydney is a specialty pharmacists specializing in oncology. Pharmacists are often times a forgotten resource but an important part of the medical team for an AYA patient. We dive in with Sydney to understand the key role pharmacists play in helping an AYA in facing cancer.


The Return of the Dear Cancer Magazine

by Nick Giallourakis June 1, 2021

What would you say to cancer if you could write it a letter? That is what this new issue is all about. For those that do not remember and have not been a part of the Herd prior to 2020, we ran our first Dear Cancer issue in December 2019.


March 2021 Magazine: What Cancer REALLY Does to Me

by Nick Giallourakis March 1, 2021

In this new magazine, the AYA cancer community dives into how cancer REALLY changes them. From rocking your faith or strengthening faith, realizing people don’t think you “fit” the mold, feeling guilting for surviving, what that damn “C” word does to you, and how some use their voice for supporting others. This is definitely a must read issue!


Download the Top 7 Tips for a Successful Doctor’s Visit

by Nick Giallourakis February 10, 2021

In collaboration with our friends at Abridge, we developed the handout “Top 7 tips for a successful doctor’s visit”. Our goal is to have this be a resource to help organize and prepare patients before any oncology or PCP visit.


Spilling Tea with the G’s: Sn 2 – Ep 8 – Whitney Hadley and Stefanie Thomas

by Nick Giallourakis February 2, 2021

We’re back with two of our favorite Cleveland medical professionals, Whitney Hadley and Stefanie Thomas! Whitney and Stefanie are both on the board for the Steven G. Cancer Foundation and Elephants and Tea.


The Steven G. Cancer Foundation

by Nick Giallourakis February 1, 2021

Thus, the Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund is making the change to the name the Steven G. Cancer Foundation. Keeping Steven’s name ties us to our legacy in Cleveland, all while adding the word “Foundation” to showcase the natural growth of our nonprofit organization.


Spilling Tea with the G’s: Sn 2 – Ep 7 – Jay carter

by Nick Giallourakis December 22, 2020

Looking for helpful wellness and mindfulness tips on living with cancer? Listen to our latest episode with Jay Carter! Jay spills tea about the importance of being mindful in his day to day life and finding a balance in living a healthier life all while having cancer.