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Survivor, Bladder Cancer

Dear Cancer, I Would Not Wish You on Anyone

by Liz Hiles June 15, 2022

Dear Bladder Cancer,

I have so many mixed feelings about you. I didn’t even know bladder cancer was a thing until the moment I was diagnosed with it. I am angry that you are so common, but no one is talking about you.


Losing Through Cancer

by Liz Hiles May 25, 2022

I remember the first-time cancer claimed the life of someone in my life. I was eight years old and in second grade.

My Great-Aunt Dorothy lived in New Jersey with her Italian-immigrant husband, my Great-Uncle Steve. She was my favorite family member because every time they came into town to visit, it was like a week-long party filled with Italian food and huge family gatherings.


Living My Best Ostomate Life

by Liz Hiles September 16, 2021

These days when someone gives the advice to “live your best life,” many might associate the phrase with celebrity journalist and talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, who began using it regularly on her show and in O Magazine beginning in 1998.