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Survivor, Stage IV Colon Cancer

Jonah is in survivorship with stage IV colon cancer after being diagnosed in 2013. He is an obsessive music and movie nerd who loves engaging in the young adult cancer community in any way he can. He largely dislikes the term survivor, but uses it when it’s convenient. To him cancer is not a battle to be won or lost but an existential war against material reality and the prison that is the corporeal form. He believes that whatever way anyone else comprehends their cancer is alright with him.

Broken Promises

by Jonah Czerwinskyj October 5, 2020

Based on all the commercials one sees for cancer centers and charities, one might conclude cancer patients have infinite support and resources available to them and their families. These commercials tell the viewer we climb mountains, run marathons and are beneficiaries of all the world’s pity and admiration.